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eFabrics – a few words about us

We are not a company with 20 years of tradition or a large international corporation. We are a group of people connected by a shared passion... passion for fabrics, beauty and looking for new sources of inspiration.

We started our adventure with fabrics exactly in 2007. Over the years, we've expanded our experience and capabilities. We keep on developing, but we feel that we are ready to give you products that will allow you to create something special. That is why our store is full of colours and unique designs that will make sewing even more satisfying.

The materials are produced in small, profiled factories, which, like us, pay special attention to quality. Proof? Our knitted fabrics receive 5/5 marks in laboratory tests - they play first fiddle and are the apple of our eyes. We could just keep going on about them, but we leave the assessment to you - your opinion is invaluable to us.

We have also prepared a wide selection of cotton fabrics. We sell over 300 fantastic designs and over 40 colours (all of our designs are licensed). Additionally, here you can buy the wonderfully soft Minky fleece or Velvet, which are perfect for blankets, pillows or cuddly toys for the kids. We also offer waterproof and upholstery fabrics as well as other materials and accessories.

It is our goal that shopping in our store provides you with both inspiration and a positive customer experience. That is why we put special emphasis on quick delivery time. We want the materials to arrive on time and the shopping costs to be as low as possible. We strive to make our prices competitive and offer various promotions and discounts.

We do our best to make shopping with us a pleasure so that you stay for longer. We invite all regular and new customers to shop in our online store.