Fall in love with Minky's softness and fluffiness. To say that it is the softest fabric in the world is an understatement, rather than an exaggeration. This one-color material made of polyester fibers is simply perfect for the production of blankets, pillows, toys and children's clothes. Minky, in addition to the captivating softness, dries quickly, is flexible and breathable. Works great in combination with cotton fabrics, which allows you to create interesting combinations which are only limited by your own creativity.

If you love Minky, you will definitely love Velvet too. It is extremely soft and delicate, and it feels like velour or velvet. Unlike the Minky fleece, Velvet has a much shorter and denser pile. You will appreciate it for its subtlety and aesthetic values. Velvet has also become appreciated by the youngest. Toys, educational mats, warm sleeping bags and swaddles for babies will surely make our little ones happy. The fabric is perfect for interior decoration. Decorative cushions, curtains, decorative bedspreads, upholstery of armchairs and chairs will give the rooms an original look and taste. We offer Velvet fabric for children in three versions: plain in many colours, quilted and printed.