eFabrics.pl – few words about us

We're not company with 20 years tradition, neither big international company.We are group of people, who got connected by common passion… passion for fabrics, beauty, and looking for new sources of inspiration.

We began our journey with fabrics exactly in 2007 year. During all those years, we improved our experience and possibilites. We're still improving and making progress, but we feel that we are ready to give You products, which will let You make something unique. That's why our shop is full of colors and unrepeatable patterns, which will give You even more satisfaction in sewing.

Fabrics are produced in small, profiled works, which exactly as us, pay special attention to quality. Proof? Our fabrics are constantly getting 5/5 grades in lab tests. Grades are our priority, they're first violin to us. We could write and write about them, but the we will leave rating to You - Your opinion is invaluable for us.

We have prepared wide range of cottong fabrics for You. We have more than 300 fantastic patternsand more than 40 colors (all of our patterns contain license). To the set, You can also buy amazingly soft Minky polar or Velvet, fitting perfectly for blankets, pillows or cuddly toys for the youngest. We're also having waterpoof fabrics, upholstery fabrics, and other materials and accessories..

We want to make shopping in our store to not only provide you with inspiration, but also to be a positive experience. That is why we put special emphasis on quick delivery time. We want our materials to arrive to You on time and the shipping cost to be as low as possible. We strive to make our prices competitive. We also offer various promotions and discounts.

We're giving everything we got,to make shopping in our store big pleasure for You and to make You stay with us for a long time. We invite all regular and new customers to shop in our online store, You're welcome!